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Learn quick. Get results faster. Make smart decisions as you go. The Turn Cloud Marketing Platform brings all your marketing data into one place—your single source of truth—and converts it into valuable insights, actions, and results. Use it for more targeted segmentation, for more effective planning, for more precise execution, and for new insights into your business, brand, and customers. The result of over 8 years of experience building software for marketers, the Turn Cloud Marketing Platform ensures you always have the information you need at your moment of decision.

One login. One dashboard. | The Turn Cloud Marketing Platform is a shared solution for planning, execution, and analytics. Your brand and customer relationship teams can use Turn Audience Suite to build rich customer profiles. Your media team can use Turn Campaign Suite to execute targeted cross-channel campaigns. And your analytics team can perform sophisticated modeling and attribution analysis. All from the same login.

A single login also gives your team point-and-click access to more than 100 marketing technology partners. So instead of trying to figure out how to integrate vendors, your team can focus on achieving results.

Although Turn applications work as standalone products, you’ll do away with any integration costs or slowdowns when you use them together. Your marketing applications will work in lock-step, using the same dashboard and accessing the same data set—adding efficiencies and power to your digital marketing efforts.

Real-time synchronization. | Insights and actions happen in an instant when you combine applications on a single marketing platform. There’s no latency or loss of information, as the Turn Cloud Marketing Platform synchronizes your audience data, media execution data, and analytics in real time. How fast is real time? The Turn platform responds within ten milliseconds to audience events online, so your segments adjust instantaneously as customers make a purchase, visit a web page, or interact in any way with digital channels.

And because the Turn platform reaches more than 50 percent of Internet users, you can be sure you’re pulling in plenty of data every moment of every day. At the same time, your analytics team will be able to dive deeper and gain more precise insights, with up to 50 times more information available from our integrated platform than from unconnected point solutions.

Cross-channel visibility. Precision messaging. | Excellent marketing begins with your most important audiences. With Turn, you’re set to understand who they are, how to reach them on any device and in any format, and what the value of your interactions with them are. Learn what messages they respond to, what media they interact with, and the order that best impacts your business. Armed with answers, you can target each segment with precision messaging and map your creative to touchpoints across media channels (including RTB and premium inventory), synchronizing and sequencing your creative exactly to drive your marketing objectives.

Access to real-time data across all channels also means you can forecast accurately. There’s no need to extrapolate where audiences actually are on the Internet or how large your segments might be. The Turn RTB engine connects to global ad exchanges to produce data that’s available for real-time, closed-loop optimization between planning and execution.

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Ingenuity That Delivers

Every day, Turn infrastructure makes nearly 100+ billion advertising decisions, analyzes over 1.5 trillion customer attributes, and provides instant access to billions of marketing data points. Huge, fast, and smart, this Internet-scale architecture continuously optimizes, analyzes, and delivers data-driven marketing results.

Scalable data technology centralizes data from any source—offline, online, third-party, or your own big data—while intelligent algorithms use that data to deliver more precise advertising. From audience design and campaign planning to real-time optimization and just-in-time analytics, our infrastructure enables smart choices, precise control, and improved ROI for data-driven marketing.

Learn how the Turn infrastructure is engineered to drive results.


1,300,000 impressions evaluated each second

99.6% response rate globally

<10ms bid response time

99% of all programmatic ads available evaluated


1.5 Billion device and browser profiles stored

20 Trillion attributes stored and available for query

100 Billion data events processed daily

6 Petabytes real-time data processed



162.2 Teraflops global compute power

300,000 events replicated globally each second

21 Petabytes big data storage

80,000+ CPU cores providing elastic computing services


15 Learning algorithms bid prediction, forecasting, budgeting, targeting, and recommendation

30+ targeting categories with hundreds of options available for each one.

PMML-Based Customization - an industry first 

Global reach and scale. Amazing speed. | The Turn infrastructure starts with enormous capacity that’s ready to handle the future of digital advertising. Building on a combination of open source and proprietary technologies, we’ve engineered our platform to meet steep standards for redundancy, horizontal scalability, and operational efficiencies. Strategically located data centers around the globe keep our network close to geo-specific data, so user profiles and advertising auctions interact at lightning speeds. In fact, ad exchange partners tell us Turn has the highest response rate in the industry.

Intelligence and insight. In real time. |  What good is data if you can’t put it to work? The Turn infrastructure includes intelligent learning algorithms that process the huge amount of data that flows through our system. When matched up with our low-latency database infrastructure, these powerful algorithms make blazing-fast decisions and provide real-time insights into audiences, reach, lookalikes, value, and the likelihood that a user will respond to a specific creative. Also in real time are graphical reports on win rates, performance indicators, and more, all updated with information from each new impression.

Cloud processing power. | Our Internet-scale, on-demand infrastructure is the platform of choice for Global 2000 marketers. The modern server architectures and global footprint is optimized for high-frequency, low-latency operations such as real-time analytics or programmatic advertising. This massive footprint supports our proprietary, instant-response databases and the industry’s best machine learning algorithms for campaign performance and optimization. At the same time, Turn is the only company in the industry that has full transparency. On, we publish real-time information on the uptime and status of our infrastructure.

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Technical White Papers

Today's greatest marketing challenge lies in capitalizing on big data. Taming that beast requires a team effort-including a strong relationship between CIOs and CMOs and a core ecosystem of systems integrators and other strategic alliances-not to mention cutting-edge technologies. This whitepaper explores actionable best practices that leverage the right team and technologies for success in new world marketing.

Today, billions of display ad impressions are purchased on a daily basis through a public auction hosted by real time bidding (RTB) exchanges. A decision has to be made for advertisers to submit a bid for each selected RTB ad request in milliseconds. Restricted by the budget, the goal is to buy a set of ad impressions to reach as many targeted users as possible. Our experimental results from real advertising campaigns demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach used by Turn Campaign Suite.

In digital advertising, attribution presents the challenge of assigning credit to one or more advertisements for driving the user to the desirable actions such as making a purchase. Rather than giving all the credit to the last ad a user sees, multi-touch attribution allows more than one ads to get the credit based on their corresponding contributions. Multi-touch attribution is one of the most important problems in digital advertising, especially when multiple media channels, such as search, display, social, mobile and video are involved. In this paper, we first propose a bivariate metric, one measures the variability of the estimate, and the other measures the accuracy of classifying the positive and negative users.



Point and Click Access to 100+ Marketing Technology Solutions

The Turn Cloud Marketing Platform integrates with best-of-breed providers from across the digital marketing landscape. We select of the best available technologies, ad exchanges, and data vendors in the world, and make them available with the click of a mouse. When you use Turn products to drive your marketing and campaign efforts, you can choose the right mix of partners to suit the specific needs of every campaign.

We've got the connections you need. | Turn has pre-integrated more than 100 of the best data, inventory, and technology providers throughout the marketing ecosystem. So it’s easy to test a new technology or adjust a service right from the Turn application. For additional advantage, we can even integrate your custom data contracts, equipping you with data your competitors can’t find.


  • BrightRoll
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Google)
  • LiveRail
  • smartclip
  • SpotXchange
  • StickyXchange (
  • Tremor Video


  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Google)
  • Lotame Mobile Powered by AdMobius
  • Millennial Media
  • MoPub
  • Nexage
  • NinthDecimal
  • Opera Mediaworks
  • Precision Market Insights from Verizon
  • Smaato


  • adacado
  • AdExtent
  • Flashtalking


  • Acxiom
  • Datalogix
  • Epsilon
  • Experian
  • I-Behavior
  • LiveRamp
  • Neustar / AdAdvisor
  • V12


  • AdScale
  • AppNexus
  • Cox Digital Solutions
  • DoubleClick Ad Exchange (Google)
  • Facebook Exchange
  • Improve Digital
  • Index by Casale Media
  • OpenX
  • PubMatic
  • Rubicon Project
  • YieldLab


  • ADmantX
  • Adometry
  • DoubleVerify
  • Grapeshot
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Lotame Mobile Powered by AdMobius
  • Nielsen
  • Peer39 by Sizmek
  • Proximic


  • AcquireWeb
  • Acxiom
  • AddThis
  • ADmantX
  • Alenty
  • Alliant
  • AudienceRate
  • Autobytel
  • BIZO
  • BlueKai
  • Brilig
  • Buzzinate
  • Cross Pixel Media
  • Crystal Semantics
  • Datalogix
  • DataXpand
  • Datonics
  • Epsilon
  • eXelate
  • Experian
  • Eyeota
  • Grapeshot
  • HomeAway
  • I-Behavior
  • Integral Ad Science
  • IXI
  • Lotame
  • Lotame Mobile Powered by AdMobius
  • Mark and Mini
  • Navegg
  • Neustar / AdAdvisor
  • Nielsen
  • NinthDecimal
  • Peer 39 by Sizmek
  • Precision Market Insights from Verizon
  • Proximic
  • SaleSpider
  • Trust Metrics
  • uKnow
  • V12 Group
  • VisualDNA


  • Facebook Exchange


  • Datalogix
  • IRI
  • Lotame Mobile Powered by AdMobius
  • MasterCard Advisors
  • Nielsen


  • Maxymisers
  • Monetate

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With such a robust directory of providers in our industry, Turn simplifies our ecosystem so you can utilize them successfully. We simplify by having Platform Partners which include Inventory, Data, and niche Technology providers, as well as the Alliances Partners who are technology companies that offer services and consulting around our platform solutions.

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