RTB Case Study Reveals Lift for Publishers & Performance Improvement for Advertisers

PubMatic, which provides online publishers with the technology and services to significantly increase revenue and better manage their advertising inventory, released a case study at the Ad Revenue 2010 event that compares real-time bidding (RTB) performance to other types of digital advertising methods including non-RTB run of network and non-RTB audience targeting. Turn participated in the RTB study and examined digital ad campaign performance for a major telecom advertiser. Launched across fourteen pre-selected states, this telecom brand focused on targeting the right audience through re-marketing segments in order to help establish new acquisitions and up-sell existing customers. Its goal for the campaign was a CPT lower than $100. Because it was highly geo-targeted with a limited re-marketing segment, the campaign’s success hinged on the Turn Platform’s algorithmic intelligence that crunches more than 2,000 behavioral, contextual, inventory, and ad selections variables within 25 milliseconds to guarantee winning bids for the most valuable impressions available. The Turn Platform then automatically optimized and adjusted pacing to achieve the desired spend. To boost the campaign’s reach and drive new acquisitions, Turn used its Audience Extension tool to define additional segments of tech savvy consumers and families with moderate to high internet consumption. Results speak for themselves: The dynamic cost per thousand (dCPM) was nearly a $60.00 better effective cost per action (eCPA) for re-marketing. Additionally, the dCPM had a 562% lift over flat RON and 44% lift over flat CPM re-marketing. Read more about the complete study >>