Digital Data Centralization

Collect and organize all your data to better identify your audiences.

Data Integration

Centralize data from a wide range of online and offline sources to classify it in ways that make sense for your marketing needs. Import existing first-party data and combine it with third-party data from more than 50 leading partners—without leaving the Turn dashboard.

Data Ingestion

Capture all of the actions on your website with Turn Flextag or collect information about your mobile app users in real time.

Audience Design

Create custom audience segments for your marketing activities—cross-sell, up-sell, new product awareness, high lifetime value, etc.

Media Planning and Execution

Leverage precision targeting and flexible buying options to create maximum impact.

Predictive Targeting

Accurately predict who is interested in your brand or product to grow your addressable market quickly. Target based on previous online actions, preferable demographics and attributes, or purchase cycle timing.


Reach users based on their previous actions and behaviors such as search history, email actions, shopping cart activity, website visits, and more.

Audience Extension

Grow your audience by uncovering unique characteristics about the consumers that interact with your brand, and then identify other consumers who have similar characteristics. Similarly, find websites your loyalists frequently visit and reach other visitors on those sites.

Competitor Conquesting

Find and target consumers who have shown interest in similar brands or products and shift their purchase consideration to your brand.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Drive greater engagement by customizing your ad in real time with messaging and imagery based on the viewer’s attributes, such as recent website behavior or location.

Brand Safety

Protect your brand by only advertising on sites with content that supports your brand values.

Private Publisher Deals

Extend your media buys beyond the open market with private publisher deals to gain access to premium (and often exlusive) inventory in every channel to ensure your ads appear on the websites that matter most to your brand.

Creative Sequencing, Frequency & Exposure

Determine the right number of times, amount of time and order to display creative versions to reduce overspending.

Consumer Intelligence

Unearth surprising insights and connections about your audience that can lead to lucrative opportunities.

Persona Definition

Better understand your customers through their behaviors, intentions, and actions so you can tailor your campaign creative to be more relevant and compelling.

Audience Syndication

Add intelligence to all your marketing activities by exporting audience inisghts to systems such as your CRM tool.

Cross-Device Analysis

Discover insights about consumer interactions across all of their devices and understand the user’s sequence of devices and/or messages that lead to a lift in brand engagement or sales.

Audience Verification

Measure the demographic mix of audiences you’re reaching to understand how well your media plan targets the right audience.


Test and validate high-level concepts to discover which are most effective in driving consumer action.

Media Intelligence

Drill down into every detail of your current and past campaigns to optimize future media performance and creative.

Media Mix Analysis

Evaluate how various channels, and combinations of channels, contribute to results. For example, learn how display and social campaigns affect audience behaviors separately and together.

Conversion Analysis

Understand which actions consumers take before they convert.

In-Store Sales Measurement

Measure sales lift by connecting digital ad exposures to in-store sales, and gain insight into which media campaign tactics drive the most product sales.

Brand Intelligence

The power to separate your brand from your competition and drive engagement.

Brand Interaction Analysis

Understand which media channels and user interactions drive the most online actions for your brand. Discover how multi-channel advertising or specific creative and messaging affect brand engagement.

Brand Sentiment Optimization

From awareness, to purchase intent, to brand preference, measure how your brand resonates at all stages of the customer journey. Learn which creative and media tactics drive the highest brand lift and leverage these insights to optimize your brand campaign to deliver higher ROI.