Smart Market Vol 6: Building Brands with Programmatic Advertising

This edition of Smart Market shows you how a well-planned and well-executed programmatic campaign can help your brand reach a wider audience, with personalized and tailored messaging.

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Push Play on Branding's Secret Weapon

Programmatic video is ready for primetime.

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Real-Time Campaign Optimization Boosts Long-Term Marketing Results

A national jewelry retailer wanted to improve click-through rate, eCPC, and sales revenues for an annual campaign featuring holidays in February and March. Thanks to the deep, timely insights provided by the Turn Digital Hub, the retailer achieved outstanding campaign results.

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Real-Time Insights Power Cost-Efficient Advertising

A national restaurant chain wanted to maximize sales—without changing the average CPA of its campaigns. The insights that Turn Digital Hub revealed in real time enabled the company’s marketers to craft a campaign that became more and more effective over time.

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Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs

In a constantly shifting marketing landscape where new channels are popping up all the time, consumer data is more fragmented than ever. Digital marketing hubs address this challenge by bringing all this piecemeal data together so marketers can optimally engage with consumers seamlessly across channels

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