Consumer Opt-Out

Consumer Opt-Out

Opt Out of Tailored, Anonymous Advertising & a Freer, More Dynamic Internet – our Choice Mechanism

We support empowering you to make informed decisions about advertisements that are delivered to you.  If you’d like to opt out from tailored but anonymous ads based on your interests delivered by Turn and for Turn to stop collecting your non-personally identifiable information in order to do so, click the links below.

If you opt out, you will still see just as many ads!  They will just be far more likely to be irrelevant to you.

Opting out may hurt the sites and apps you love!  Also, if you opt out, you may be making it harder for your favorite websites or apps to survive.  This is because advertisers pay more to deliver a tailored ad, and your favorite website/app makes more money when they show a tailored ad on their properties.  Studies have shown that a significant portion of a publisher’s revenue can come from tailored advertising, and this is particularly true for smaller websites.  See 2014 DAA Study and 2010 NAI Study.

SO - if you still want to get ads, but prefer irrelevant ads over tailored ads based on anonymous information and you don’t value the free content you enjoy, Turn will place an opt-out cookie on your browser. The opt-out cookie tells our servers not to deliver tailored, anonymous ads to you that deliver high value to the sites and apps you love.  If you delete, block, or otherwise restrict cookies, or if you use a different computer or Internet browser, you may need to renew your opt-out choice.

Opt-out of Turn  Opt-out of Turn Corporate Marketing

Alternatively, you may control your privacy settings using the NAI or DAA Opt-out Tool which allows consumers to opt out of the behavioral advertising delivered by NAI or DAA member companies, respectively.

DAA Opt-Out Page  NAI Opt-Out Tool  EDAA Opt-Out Tool

Deleting your PII | We do not collect PII via our technology. If you’d like us to update, correct, delete, or deactivate any PII that you may have provided to us on the Site, please send your request to us at and we will process your request within a reasonable period of time after receipt. See Privacy Policy.