Leverage what you know about your audiences to extend your reach across digital channels.

Engage with cord-cutters wherever they are. Take advantage of data-driven techniques to find hard-to-reach audiences and cord-cutters that were not exposed to your TV campaign. Activate these audiences on all connected screens—PCs, smartphones, tablets, and connected TV devices—with unprecedented scale and accuracy.

Create custom segments for more targeted campaigns. Reach the exact audience you’re looking for by combining set-top box viewership data from millions of households with purchase, demographic, and lifestyle data.

Gain valuable audience insights at an individual level. Turn can help you blend audience and media insights from TV and digital channels, so you can influence marketing decisions.

Whether it’s programmatic TV or connected TV advertising, we’ve got you covered.

Build audiences using viewership data from:

  • Nielsen
  • Datalogix
  • TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA)
  • AdMobius