Audience Suite


Audience Suite Benefits

A complete picture of your most valuable audiences.

Data Centralization and Activation | Turn Audience Suite helps you organize and control all of the data important to your marketing initiatives. Deepen your insights by overlaying third-party data, offline data, and data from multi-channel media campaigns, then feed it back into your audience targeting plans for immediate action.

Audience Design and Distribution | Audience Suite enables you to refine target audiences to better cross-sell, up-sell, or drive higher customer lifetime value—across both digital and offline channels. Our unique forecasting capabilities give you the confidence, before committing campaign dollars, that your audiences perform as expected.

Loyalty Creation | By enabling a better connection to the customers you already have, Audience Suite helps you build brand loyalty. And by gaining new insights into high-value customers, you can drive their value even higher via one-to-one marketing relationships.

Accurate Attribution | Audience Suite provides insight into channel performance and makes clear which channels work together, which provide benefit to other channels, and which drive desired actions and conversions.

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With a single, intelligent interface, Audience Suite makes it easy to combine your own customer data with data from best-of-breed vendors. So you can manage all your data sources in one place, build audience segments that make sense for your business, and take action immediately.


Share your audiences with demand-side platforms, networks, and exchanges. One-click audience distribution makes it easy to test various inventory partners—without duplicating efforts.

Tag Management

Manage your first-party data collection with Flextag™, our point-and-click data capture tool. Without needing to involve IT, you can sync all your website data events—such as browsing, searching, carting, and buying—for a better understanding of customer behaviors.

Data Marketplace

Turn has an extensive open marketplace of more than 50 third-party data providers. Take advantage of these partner relationships to explore more audience data, blend it with your own, and generate rich composite views of your audiences.

Report Center

Turn Audience Suite makes it easier than ever to understand and define target audiences. The new Advertiser Data Pixel report, available in Report Center, provides timely insights through a dynamic visualization of the relationship between unique users and beacon fires.  Learn More »

Campaign Suite


Campaign Suite Benefits

Precise control over your cross-channel digital marketing.

Brand Engagement | You know who your best audiences are. Meet them where they spend their time—online. By integrating all your digital media channels in a single view, Turn Campaign Suite helps you to understand your audiences and to shape their experience of your brand. And all the while, rigorous brand safety tools empower you to protect your brand online.

Cross-Channel Marketing | Execute one unified strategy across your choice of channels—video, display, mobile, and social. With sophisticated cross-channel performance reports, Campaign Suite enables you to track view-through and conversion, apply results from direct buys to RTB tactics, and correlate non-display engagement metrics with those from your display campaigns.

Digital Prospecting and Conquesting | Expand your reach by finding new consumers who are similar to, or behave like, your existing audiences. You can then distribute larger segments across digital and offline channels to drive actions and overall performance. For example target audiences shopping for rival brands and convert them into customers of your own.

Reach, Frequency, and Price Forecasting | With Campaign Suite and direct access to information from all the leading video, display, mobile, and social exchanges, you can balance reach and frequency goals against your budget. Couple that with predictive bid pricing and inventory exploration technologies for precise forecasts of reach, frequency, and bid price—even if your targeting criteria are completely new. Set a master budget and Campaign Suite can allocate it across channels and exchanges.

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Use sight, sound, and motion to drive engagement and build loyalty. As video consumption rapidly shifts to the web, plan high-performing video campaigns that build your brand online.


Engage customers on the device of their choice. Turn can help you reach your mobile audiences the right way, offering targeting by location, demographics, technographics, or dayparting.


Get up close and personal with your customers. Understanding how they interact with and think about brands. Turn can help you integrate highly targeted social strategies into complex cross-channel campaigns.


Drive ad performance with precision targeting and execution. Turn Campaign Suite offers the broadest reach in the industry. We’ll help you find the right customers virtually anywhere on the Internet.



DataMine Analytics Benefits

Custom data-driven insights that build powerful marketing strategies.

Faster time to insights | Since Turn stores the data and provides built-in context and relationships between data, you start answering questions quickly and easily.

Minimized cost and risk | No more out-of-control IT or other costs related to maintaining and analyzing data. You pay a set amount for analytics based on exactly what you need, while saving on operational and software costs by letting Turn manage your big data.

Insights based on highly granular data | Store and immediately query more than 200 attributes for each ad impression you serve.

Unparalleled scale | DataMine Analytics can handle multiple petabytes of data. You get ad hoc access to all of your data, not just to aggregates.

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Built for Marketing


Use your own marketing data from Campaign Suite right out of the gate, and easily integrate external data through Audience Suite.

Ready-to-use data


Raw data has already been categorized and scrubbed, so you can start gaining insights right away without having to manage the data yourself.

Explore and query


Get ad hoc access to all of your data, not just to aggregates 

Elastic computing capacity


Choose the speed and reliability that’s right for your business by purchasing the computing power you need.

SaaS analytics


Access any data gathered by and uploaded to the Turn cloud quickly and transparently, taking advantage of compressed data structures and a user-friendly interface