EMEA Round-Up: Turn Cloud Marketing Platform Expands Mobile Advertising Features

By Turn,

source: ExchangeWire -  http://bit.ly/NcSnAJ

Turn expanded last week the cross-channel capabilities of its Cloud Marketing Platform with the introduction of new mobile advertising features in Turn Campaign Suite and dedicated support for mobile advertising campaigns in the company’s industry-leading performance and optimisation algorithms.

Turn Campaign Suite enables advertisers to achieve return-on-investment through precisely executed video, display and mobile advertising. The new features announced include:

  • Support for MMA Universal Mobile Ad Packages and the most common IAB mobile ad units on smartphones and tablets.
  • Advanced mobile audience targeting by device attributes such as type, manufacturer, model, and operating system; title of mobile apps; content of mobile websites; connection speed and carrier by region; and geography with optional geo-fencing. All mobile user information is non-personally identifiable.
  • Dedicated algorithms for mobile advertising that leverage Turn’s seven years of expertise in digital campaign optimisation.
  • Access to more than 30 billion monthly global impressions from mobile apps and websites, through partnerships with leading inventory providers such as Nexage, Admeld, MobClix and AppNexus.

Pierre Naggar, Managing Director, Europe, Turn, comments: “These new mobile features are available in Europe immediately, and will provide European marketers with the tools to engage audiences locally with compelling advertising and relevant offers in their native language, right on their mobile device.”

Ernie Cormier, President and CEO, Nexage, adds: “Mobile is one of the fastest growing channels for digital campaigns and it is essential that brands and marketers have the ability to reach desired audiences through their connected devices. With the introduction of its new mobile advertising features and support, Turn is demonstrating a commitment to mobile that will enhance how they utilise real-time bidding on our exchange to deliver targeted advertising for their clients.”

Turn’s new mobile-specific capabilities enable advertisers to reach these audiences on smartphones and tablets. Using Turn Campaign Suite, advertisers can now easily create, launch, and optimise digital advertising campaigns across video, display, and mobile channels. Campaign Suite also offers analytics and reporting, giving advertisers real-time insights from all of their channels, as well as detailed and custom reporting about specific channel performance.

Bill Demas, President and CEO, Turn, concludes: “Turn Campaign Suite now enables marketers to engage customers across three digital advertising channels from one dashboard. Turn’s new mobile capabilities empower advertisers with the features necessary to deploy high-performance mobile campaigns that connect with their most active and on-the-go audiences.”