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9 October 2012: Turn, the global cloud-marketing platform, has struck another key European affiliation enhancing the Turn Audience Suite with Italian audience data by joining forces with audience service provider AudienceRate.

Turn's joint move with AudienceRate, a U.K. company owned by the Italian venture capitalist seed financiers Milano Venture will give global marketers the ability to access Italian user data enabling them to identify their relevant audiences in real time.

Cloud marketing platform Turn allows advertisers to target a brand’s ideal audience by harnessing comprehensive local user data and deploying the most efficient and effective media optimised in real time.

Pierre Naggar, Turn managing director EU said: “Turn is fostering a dynamic, pan-European ecosystem of data and inventory sources that, together, enable us to offer unparalleled relevancy to the EU market. We are excited to be the first international cloud marketing platform to offer clients comprehensive local Italian consumer data by integrating with AudienceRate.”

“Turn's partnership with AudienceRate will provide advertisers globally with the framework to maximise Italian consumer data of approximately 10 million unique daily browsers in Italy."

AudienceRate said: “Our partnership with Turn is an important step in our growth strategy for AudienceRate in Europe and the BRIC market. Turn’s clients are now able to target relevant consumers in Italy in real time leveraging AudienceRate’s data.”

Pierre Naggar, Turn managing director EU will be speaking at IAB Forum Milano (10-11 October) and leading a workshop on “How Real-time Insights are transforming the Way 21st Century Marketers and Agencies Make Decisions”. Media briefings and interviews are available on request.


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About Turn

Turn delivers real-time insights that transform the way leading advertising agencies and marketers make decisions. Our cloud applications and Internet-scale architecture work together to provide a complete picture of customers, execute cross-channel campaigns, and connect with a worldwide ecosystem of over 100 partners.  Turn is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Amsterdam, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and San Francisco. Company revenue has more than doubled every year of Turn’s existence. For more information, visit turn.com or follow @turnplatform.

About AudienceRate

U.K. Company AudienceRate Ltd is an audience service provider with proprietary algorithms for ‘Audience-census’ and ’Behavioural-tracking’ under agreement with a network of leading publishers with a presence in more than 60 countries. AudienceRate Ltd is owned by Italian venture capitalist seed financiers Milano Venture.