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Understanding Performance Across Multiple Media Platforms

BACKGROUND Accuen provides digital marketing services to over 130 advertisers including a significant number of Fortune 100 clients from the insurance, computers & electronics, and consumer goods categories. Accuen identified the following challenges while developing marketplace strategy:

Centralize campaign performance data from across all RTB and spot inventory sources
  • Understand data efficacy based on cost and performance
  • Create target audiences that are responsive to brand message and campaign response goals
  • Manage data across 3 DSPs
  • Allow DSPs to quickly utilize audiences created from 1st and 3rd party data
  • Optimize data costs and buys across multiple media providers
  • Enable A/B audience testing across media platforms
  • Create cross-media provider analytics on the same audience

Transparency into audience composition

  • Full control over audience definition and creation

Accuen evaluated the marketplace for a technology enterprise solution to help solve for these challenges and implemented a solution:

Deployed Audience Suite as a core technology component of Accuen’s Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP)
  • Pay per use data regardless of media platform used
  • In-house creation of custom audiences based on 1st and 3rd party data
  • Created unique segments using 1:1 relationships with data providers
  • Created a uniform audience and shared across selected DSPs

Single warehouse of 30+ Billion elements comprising all audience and performance data

  • integration into Accuen’s Business Intelligence tool

Deployed proprietary cookie space to ensure client data privacy across all campaigns

With the help of the AIP, Accuen has seen the following results:

  • Identified 225MM targetable users with capacity for 6k data elements each
  • Centralized data cost and contract management
  • Custom analytics for attribution, data and media performance, and optimization
  • Report generation that took days now completed in 20 minutes