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Quality Begets Performance

One of the top concerns from advertisers is finding and targeting the right audience, but let’s not forget that it’s just as important to find these audiences in high quality sites within brand safe site sections.  To help advertisers settle concerns and to achieve their brand and performance goals, Turn offers an Inventory Quality Control (IQC) program. The IQC program provides control, transparency and options to mitigate the possibility that an advertiser’s ads appear next to content that is offensive, conflicting or contextually inappropriate.

As part of IQC, Campaign Suite established a 4-tier inventory rating system based on the IAB standards that classifies brand safety levels. The tier levels range from Tier 1, which rates site sections with the safest content (content that is appropriate for audiences of all ages, but with limited audience sizes) to Tier 4 with the riskiest content, but with the most reach.  Recent Turn research uncovered another important distinction among the tiers, performance.

Using IQC to optimize toward premium inventory, a recent campaign for a major electronics advertiser showed that Tier 1 understandably commanded a higher eCPM, but delivered an eCPA that was 43% lower than the average and 62% lower than the Tier 4 eCPA. Tier 1 CTR also nearly doubled that of Tier 2. So, for that extra 20¢ in inventory costs from Tier 1 to Tier 2, you enjoy a $5 lower eCPA! The results indicate that quality and content do matter and that marketers can achieve better price per acquisitions with premium, quality placements than compared to cheaper inventory. Additionally, the data shows the publisher receives a higher eCPM. This further confirms that when a campaign focuses on quality over quantity, both the publisher and the advertiser can win.

Whether it’s real-time bidding or audience buying, the best buying media strategies are far from finding cheap inventory. With IQC in place, the Campaign Suite delivers online audiences through brand-safe, premium inventory, ensuring confidence in advertisers that their ads are being delivered across quality sites.

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