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Industry Talk: Value is a Win Win

The conversation on RTB and its value in the digital advertising market continues as industry folks chime in response to Xuhui Shao’s column published earlier this week on ClickZ. One respondent offers up an analogy that compares the exchange concept to something more like eBay meets Expedia, while another shares thoughts on targeting and the timing of conversions.

You’re dead on. The financial meme is a short hand. The exchange concept is more like eBay meets Expedia.

Thanks, Iggy-
Someone else asked me about the examples given in the article. It’s easier to explain that way, but Real-time targeting doesn’t equate behavior targeting. A lot of efficiency can come from non-BT signals such as contextual and ad call itself. Sites and pages matter a lot even given BT signal. The broader point is about how statistically uninteresting display ads are today. It could easily be 10X or 20X better. That’s what makes online marketers tick.
-Xuhui Shao

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