Estudios informativos

En Turn, vemos las posibilidades de un mundo publicitario en el que el arte y la ciencia se funden para proporcionar información valiosa y facilitar decisiones con más seguridad. Combinamos nuestra experiencia y nuestros datos de mercado para explorar innovaciones, tendencias y tecnologías con las que nuestros clientes puedan generar un impacto y realzar el perfil de nuestro sector en todos los frentes.

Collective’s 2010 Digital Ad Study

Collective, a company that sells audiences for display advertising commissioned a study with market research firm Advertising Perceptions to determine key trends in the digital display eco-system, with an emphasis on the evolution of buying and selling audiences. The study found that audience data is becoming a more important part of publisher-direct buys, with advertisers placing less importance on the inventory quality of branded Websites and a stronger emphasis on targeting.

Additional highlights in the report focus on:

  • Data & privacy issues
  • Shift from buying content as compared to audiences
  • Value of ad networks
  • Targeting methods
  • Concerns for commoditized inventory
  • Performance metrics and lack there of
  • Growth of online video

Click here to download the complete study.