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At Turn, we see the possibilities of an advertising world where art and science work together to provide more valuable insights and more confident decisions. We use our expertise and market intelligence to explore innovations, trends and technologies that can help our clients make an impact – and raise the profile of our industry as a whole.

desilva + phillips Study Gets Real

Published in March 2010 by deSilva + phillips Media Investment Bank, Getting Real: Ad Exchanges, RTB, and the Future of Online Advertising examines the new technologies and companies engaged in today’s shifting media industry as well as those parties such as brands, publishers and agencies whom are empowered by real-time bidding, audience optimization and real-time ad delivery. The whitepaper highlights multiple companies across the media industry including Turn, OpenX, Right Media, Microsoft’s AdECN, BlueKai, eXelate, PubMatic, AdMeld and more.

Key content includes:

  • DSPs as technology driven optimization
  • Future of supply-side platforms
  • Data and audience targeting

Download the white paper.