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Service Partners

Privacy Compliance

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) is a consortium of the largest US media and marketing associations which develops and delivers effective self-regulatory solutions to consumer data privacy concerns.
Working with its member companies, the IAB evaluates and recommends standards and practices and fields critical research on interactive advertising.
Collaborating with industry leaders, consumer organisations and government representatives, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership develops policies that foster privacy and information security, while balancing economic and societal interests.
Evidon empowers consumers and businesses to see, understand and control data online. By protecting themselves and empowering consumers, businesses build their brands and improve results.
The NAI is a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards.


DoubleVerify is the top choice of marketers, agencies, ad networks, demand-side platforms, exchanges and publishers looking to ensure quality advertising environments, campaign transparency and performance.
Integral Ad Science is a media valuation platform that helps unlock unprecedented value from online advertising; enabling buyers to target safe, viewable and relevant inventory.