Ingenuity That Delivers

Every day, the Turn platform makes over 50 billion+ advertising decisions, analyses over 1.5 trillion customer attributes, and provides instant access to billions of digital advertising impressions. Huge, fast and smart, this robust cloud infrastructure serves as the foundation for building and delivering industry-leading marketing solutions.

Scalable technology centralises data from any source - offline, online, third-party, or your own Big Data - while intelligent algorithms use that data to deliver more precise advertising. From audience design and campaign planning to real-time optimisation and just-in-time analytics, our platform enables smart choices, precise control and improved ROI for advertising budgets large and small.

Learn how the Turn platform is engineered to drive results.


Massive scale. At your service.

The Turn infrastructure starts with enormous capacity that’s ready to handle the future of digital advertising. Building on a combination of open-source and proprietary technologies, we’ve engineered our platform to meet high standards for redundancy, horizontal scalability and operational efficiencies. Strategically located data centres around the globe keep our network close to geo-specific data, so our products enable user profiles and advertising auctions to interact with minimal latency. In fact, ad exchange partners tell us we have the highest response rate in the industry.

All the data you need.

Massive capacity means we can store the most complete and the most recent data available. The Turn platform currently stores almost 1.2 billion stable and anonymous user profiles with their history – site visits, time of visits, frequency, recency and relative velocity –before and after every single impression. These profiles are replicated and kept consistent globally, and are available in real time for analysis, modelling, and action. Thanks to full integration with transaction-level data from the industry’s leading vendors – as well as with our clients’ own CRM and other data systems – we can maintain an up-to-the-minute snapshot of each user in your target audience.

Turn conforms to strict compliance regulations and initiatives for data privacy. Our platform does not ingest Personally Identifiable Identification (PII) information. Instead, it uses anonymous and distinguishable online profiles.

Got a question? An easy-to-use query language provides clients with open access to the Turn data warehouse, allowing fast and flexible modelling.

Intelligence and insight.

What good is data if you can’t put it to work? The Turn platform uses intelligent learning algorithms to process - in real time - the large amounts of data that flow through our system, enabling more effective planning, more precise campaign management and more effective results. Coupled with our low-latency infrastructure, these powerful algorithms make lightening-fast decisions and provide instant feedback about audiences, reach, lookalikes and the likelihood that a user will respond to a specific creative. Also in real time are graphical reports on win rates, performance indicators and other insights into campaign management - updated with information from each new impression.

Open for partnership.

Turn’s platform is integrated with best-of-breed providers from across the ecosystem, uniting data from leading providers and integrating with the leading ad exchanges. Our open standards–based platform and well-defined APIs enable partners to build their own solutions and custom services. We have documented file-based, pixel-based and web-based APIs for ingesting data, exporting data and manipulating metadata, making our enormous data warehouse available - and actionable - according to the specific needs of your business.

Data-Driven Advertising

Emile Litvak, Chief Architect at Turn, talks about how Turn manages data for real-time decisions.


Our easy-to-use SQL code provides clients with open access to our enormous data warehouse. Thanks to the processing power of the Hadoop architecture, you can do repeat queries and more complete analysis in less time.


Take advantage of the latest information from the field. The Turn platform generates a unique model for each advertiser every three hours, so you can see the signals that matter most to your campaigns.


Real-time reports provide detailed win rates, performance indicators, and other insights into campaign data. Our Copilot application even makes recommendations to improve advertising results.