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We understand you’re faced with an incredible assortment of technologies and information that can help you reach your customers. Turn has built partnerships with the best inventory, data, and service providers throughout the marketing ecosystem, making it easy for you to assemble the right mix of services and information for the biggest possible impact.

Data Partners

A recognised leader in technology/marketing services that enables successful management of audiences, personalisation of consumer experiences & creation of profitable relationships.
Neustar AdAdvisor is a suite of data-driven audience targeting solutions that start with verified, scalable offline data to provide portable, cross-platform online display targeting.
AddThis leverages proprietary data from AddThis, the world’s largest sharing platform, to deliver target audiences, custom audience models and brand insights based on search, site and social multi-graph data.
Alliant Online Audiences includes consumer purchasing histories from multichannel, direct-to-consumer marketers who sell merchandise, subscriptions, continuity products and memberships that identify large audiences with targeted interest and loyalty profiles.
Autobytel has developed a high-intent audience comprised of in-market auto buyers.
Bizo delivers reach and targeting capabilities for marketers which give them cost-effective access and insight into business professionals – the most valuable online audience segment.
Brilig is the first cooperative data marketplace for online advertising that enables buyers and sellers to trade reach and relevance, all while leveraging lift opportunities on an open and transparent platform.
Cross Pixel is the leading provider of high performance audience data for the online advertising industry.
Crystal Semantics' patented multilingual semantic targeting solutions allows context, brand safety and other data points to be targeted pre bid.
Datalogix offers purchase-based data from leading offline data sources across CPG, retail, automotive, finance and demographic categories. DLX data is matched to publishers that can tie an online user to an offline household.
Datonics aggregates and distributes unique purchase intent, search and life-stage data and offers 300+ prepackaged segments and an unlimited number of custom keyword segments.
Epsilon connects brands with consumers through offline data-driven demographic, financial, lifestyle and transactional insights, and enables marketers to run targeted, scalable omni-channel campaigns against these attributes.
eXelate provides data and insight on online purchase intent, household demographics and behavioural propensities that enable digital advertisers to make optimal marketing decisions.
Experian Marketing Services is a global provider of integrated consumer insights, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing programmes. They help organisations interact intelligently with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyper-connected consumers. By coordinating seamless and intelligent interactions across all channels, marketers are able to precisely plan and execute brand experiences that deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximise profits.
Eyeota is an audience-targeting data technology company and the leading source for 3rd party audience targeting data for advertisers across Asia-Pacific, Europe and Australia.
Keyword-based contextual targeting and exclusion from Grapeshot enables pre-bid decisions based on the keywords appearing on each page. Brands' own keywords can be used to extend standard segments.
HomeAway is the worldwide leader in holiday rentals with broad reach worldwide. Millions of affluent and educated travellers use HomeAway for holiday planning and travel inspiration.
IXI’s targeting solutions enable marketers to deliver the right message to the desired target audience based on estimated household economics, such as investment tendencies, financial behaviour, and discretionary spending.
LiveRamp is focused solely on bringing offline data online (purchase history, direct mail, email campaigns, loyalty and CRM) while at the same time ensuring CRM audience remains anonymous and secure.
Demographic data of more than 5 million Dutch users with over 60 different attributes per profile available.
Mastercard Audiences are based on consumer spending behaviour broken into different categories and derived from billions of transactions.
Peer39 is the leading provider of data based on the content and structure of web pages for the purpose of improving the relevance and effectiveness of online display advertising.
Proximic provides the best data and analysis of a page’s advertising environment to improve your audience targeting and brand relevance.
Lotame’s SMART Data consists of self-declared and demonstrated behavioural data from unique publisher partners, yielding accurate and scalable demographic, interest, and social influencer audience segments.
V12 Group is an offline B2C data provider. We supply 350 segments of demographic, lifestyle, car, entertainment, finance and purchase data. V12 is also the exclusive provider of PYCO’s personality data. Because we own all our data and rebuild the file every 30 days, we offer one of the most accurate data sets on the market.
VisualDNA combine valuable self-declared consumer data, rich offline data sources and behavioural inference algorithms to develop scalable emotive and demographic audience segments.
Yieldlab is a digital advertising technology company. With our technology we enable publishers to strengthen and optimise their business relationships with agencies and advertising clients.