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Consumer Privacy Protection Packet

Mediaweek recently featured Turn and its leadership in transparency and privacy regulation. Today, Turn is taking another step to promote privacy compliance with the release of a Consumer Privacy Protection Packet. This kit is available to the online community at large (advertisers, agencies and industry partners) in order to drive support for self-regulation principles, ensure the responsible usage of data, and encourage transparency and consumer privacy protection.

The Privacy Packet includes:

Self audit on Privacy

Best Practices for Privacy Compliance

Glossary of Terms to Know

Turn is the first DSP to partner with Better Advertising, a company that uses technology to build trust between consumers, brands, and government, and which has developed solutions built on the industry standard "Power i" initiative created by the Cross Industry Coalition as part of its Self Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.

For more information on the pact between Turn and Better Advertising, read the complete article at Mediaweek.


Note: self audit does not guarantee compliance.