Why Should We Do This Now?

They say that timing is everything and Project Roger came to fruition at the perfect time for us. We have built a reputation for ourselves within the online advertising and marketing industry as having the best technology and performance in the industry. In an already crowded ecosystem, it became essential for us to differentiate ourselves from competitors by creating a deeper awareness for all of our cross-channel products and capabilities.

Furthermore, we wanted to make the statement that we are no longer a small company but instead a mature company that is ready for primetime, literally!

Most important, we were ready to take the leadership position in the market by putting our product in the spotlight. We’re in a period of exponential growth and we want to take advantage of this opportunity to truly make our mark on the industry.

No other competitor is implementing a B2B campaign with a TV spot and no other company has the reach and scale of our platform. This spot will allow us to truly stand out from the crowd - positioning Turn as the strategic partner for senior marketers.

Watch a video of Bill Demas, President and CEO of Turn talk about why the timing is right for Project Roger.