We’re just moments away from the debut of our commercial and we’re all waiting with bated breath on how viewers will react to the spot. The online components will begin tomorrow morning as well, giving us presence on mobile, video, and display channels. Internally at Turn, Project Roger hasn’t been widely publicized to prevent early leaks, and only a few of the key decision makers have been looped into the process, so it’ll be interesting hear everyone’s reaction.

We know the spot leaves some ambiguity:

  • Who is the man in the scene?
  • Who is the woman with the man?
  • Who is the woman who comes into the office with a gun?
  • What actually happens once the bullet is shot?

Understanding the key elements to driving an online presence, we felt the cliffhanger ending would further engage audience members to this microsite. Here they can view the alternative endings, get a better sense of the cast of characters, and learn more about Turn and its products and capabilities. So keep watching this microsite, as we’ll be posting alternate content. We’ll also be updating the site with key performance indicators on how our cross-channel campaign is working. Don’t worry, we won’t embellish any numbers, as that would defeat the purpose and goal of Project Roger.

Finally, stay tuned for a webinar where we’ll be presenting the Project Roger case study and specifically addressing the best practices for B2B companies looking to implement cross-channel campaigns.