Setting the Wheels in Motion

Great products deserve great creative, it’s as simple as that. The online advertising world has become so enamored with pixels that we have forgotten how powerful a great story can be. At Turn, we know we have a solid product, but great advertising is as much about emotion as it is pushing the limits of technology. So, we knew we wanted to take a creative risk because we wanted to reiterate to our customers that sometimes it pays to be bold.

If we were going to do this, we were going to do it right, so we enlisted Gyro to come up with an out-of-the-box commercial concept. For the record: we began working with Gyro a few months before the Project Roger idea came to fruition, and were already impressed with the results. Gyro’s history and passion for developing creative business ideas was what drew them to us. With clients ranging from HP and VMWare, to FedEx and Audi, we knew we would be in great creative hands.

Anyway, Gyro came back to us with six creative concepts. We sat down as a team and they walked us through each scenario, each equally brilliant and cutting-edge. After a few hours, we had narrowed it down to three standout options. Anyone in the room can tell you that they remember exactly which ones made the list: concept #1, concept #4 and concept #6 because they were each compelling in very different ways.

With varying opinions on which to call the winning concept, we decided to “sleep on it.”

Cut to the next day...

It was time to make the final decision and everyone wrote their first choice down on a piece of paper. Drum roll please…concept #6 entitled “Decisions” was chosen unanimously. It had all of the required elements – drama, emotion, anger, suspense – and told our story of the decisions made by the Turn platform in a memorable and lasting way. The concept also played nicely into the possibility of producing three alternative endings for the TV spot, which we knew would help drive Turn’s online presence and social engagement – another key element to the campaign’s success.

Watch an interview with Steffan Postaer, Executive Creative Director of Gyro and author of the “Gods of Advertising” blog, as he describes the selection process and some of the other concepts that were considered.