Ready, Aim, Fire!

With the creative for the spot selected, the train was moving at full speed, and with a deadline fast approaching, we had to make decisions and we had to make them fast. We knew that we wanted the spot to focus on the moment of decision rather than the decision itself. This would come into play nicely when the offline versus online elements were finalized.

Our initial meeting with the production company was as nerve racking as it was exciting. We had never shot a commercial before and we didn’t know exactly what to expect. This coupled with the fact that we were on an extremely tight timeline meant we had a lot to accomplish in a short period of time. Outline and overview in hand, we met with Dark Light Pictures to hash out the production details of our commercial.

Fortunately for us, Director Michael Lehman, best known for his work on two popular television shows, True Blood and Dexter, was available to direct our commercial. We knew immediately that this was going to be an amazing experience, and that we would be pleased with the results.

With Gyro at the reigns, the storyboard was fleshed out and the final script was created. A location was secured, actors were hired and the set was created. It was then time to shoot the actual commercial. Phew, a lot was happening in a very short amount of time.

Click here to the see the storyboard and original script for “Decisions?”