The Magic Bullet

The consumption of digital media by consumers is increasingly occurring on multiple screens simultaneously. Think about it: How often do you find yourself sitting on the couch watching TV, laptop in front of you, and smartphone or tablet in hand? Probably more often than we would all like to admit.

Advertising needs to account for this reality and make it seamless for target audiences to engage with their brand through one channel or device, and continue the conversation on another. Advertisers cannot think or spend in silos. The offline-to-online advertising relationship is not only of fundamental importance to our customers, it is critical to the success of promoting our own business. Ultimately, we decided to go with a concept entitled “Decisions” that would air during the season finale of Mad Men on Sunday, June 10th because the creative allowed us to integrate channels successfully.

We felt it was bold and provocative and was most likely to generate an emotional connection with our target audience and customers. The concept and storyline also played well into the theme of Mad Men and clearly demonstrated the benefits of our technology to our desired demographic. Additionally, the ending of the commercial spot was intentionally meant to be a cliffhanger, so that the audience would have a compelling reason to visit us online.

The confidence of the piece also served as an outward manifestation of our core company culture and brand. It took a risk and showed innovation. It focused on style and design. We too, are very much focused on design - whether it is our software design or the design of our work spaces, we want everything we do to exceed expectations.

We felt that this concept did all of that and then some!

Listen to Keenan Rice describe why we went with the “Decisions” concept.