Lights, Camera, Action

As we had mentioned before, this was our first ever commercial shoot and we truly went in not quite knowing what to expect. Here’s what we did know: everything had to be captured in one day. We had just one day on set and needed to be as productive as possible.

No detail was left out. Everything from the props to the hairstyles and clothing of the actors was given a 1960’s aesthetic to make it as real as possible to the Mad Men era.

It was definitely a long day, starting at 6:00 am PT and wrapping up at 7:00 pm PT, but the good news is that we accomplished everything, and we had some great fun in the process.

We were able to film the core commercial and as well as the alternative endings. The actors were true professionals and well-rehearsed, and they improvised with the script, making it seem almost less rehearsed and more natural.

Working with such a high-caliber director and production company was truly a remarkable experience. No rock was left unturned and everyone worked collaboratively to ensure that the final product was a great one.

For photos and outtakes of the commercial shoot please click here.