It’s All About Precision

After the first cut, came some tough decisions about what exactly we wanted to show our audience. With our gun-toting housewife as the star of the commercial, we needed to decide how much we wanted to tell our viewers about her. It was a delicate balance: we wanted to give our viewers enough to capture them, but of course, leave them wanting more. Eventually, we decided on ending the commercial with the camera panning to the housewife. As the camera pans to her, you see a look of resolution on her face. Why? Well, it’s open to interpretation, really. She could be happy for a variety of reasons. Maybe she feels resolve for shooting the cheaters. But, this ending also elicits a ton of questions. Is the housewife involved with the man or the woman? Does the bullet hit them? Will she go to jail? Who is she? Is she angry or happy after she fires the gun? Why does she look so relieved? The idea behind this is to leave our audience wanting more. Leaving the audience wanting more is a critical component of the cross-channel campaign. It means that we’ve evoked enough curiosity from our audience to get them to our website. And thus, begins our cross-channel journey. Pretty cool, right?

Gun shot