First cut! Making Magic

Once the shoot was completed, the real magic was about to begin. The production company was ready to create the first cut of the commercial. The most critical element would be the moment at which the bullet leaves the gun and travels towards the couple.

This frame would capture the essence of our technology and illustrate what we do in the span of 10 milliseconds: faster than a bullet, Turn decides if an impression fits your campaign needs, and then makes a decision on whether or not to bid on the inventory.

We actually spent two weeks agonizing over the voiceover for this part of the spot, going through 15-20 different variations before deciding on the one you hear in the finished product.

“Decisions” evokes this essential decision-making process, and the voiceover showcases the reach and scale of our Turn Cloud Marketing Platform. Our platform truly delivers the real-time insights needed for marketers to execute precise advertising campaigns. Essentially, working with Turn means companies never have to second-guess a marketing decision.

After watching the first cut of the commercial, we couldn’t have been more excited. Finally, to see the great script and creative come to life!

Watching the first cut of the commercial made it very clear how we felt the commercial should end. We knew that we had to leave our audience wanting more. Our housewife with the gun was clearly the star of the commercial, and we knew viewers would feel the same way.

First Cut