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Harnessing the Power of Offline Data to Increase Online Audience Reach



Background Experian Marketing Services is one of the largest global providers of data, analytics and marketing technologies to help organizations effectively reach and engage their customers across both traditional and digital media. They are a recognized leader in integrating direct marketing capabilities into the online world and improving display ad effectiveness. Business Issues Experian Marketing Services offers the Audience IQSM platform as part of their marketing technologies suite.  This platform has constantly evolved to ensure it delivers real-time consumer insights from its massive offline consumer database across a variety of marketing uses – most importantly through online advertising.  In order to do so, it needed:

  • The ability to leverage de-identified ConsumerView data in the online world. ConsumerViewSM is Experian’s massive offline database that gives organizations the ability to leverage proven datasets to better understand and predict evolving consumer behaviors, just as they have in offline direct marketing for decades.
  • The ability to load multiple types of offline data into a secure and trusted third party infrastructure to power more relevant display ads.
  • To easily select and create the customer segments needed to support multiple campaign strategies across multiple types of advertisers and industries.
  • To provide advertisers with a simple and streamlined method to execute all of their addressable advertising needs underneath one platform.

Solution After a significant evaluation process, Experian Marketing Services reached a partnership agreement with Turn to harness key aspects of their Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Audience Suite technologies to underpin Experian’s proprietary and sophisticated data management layer.

  • Deployed the Audience Suite as a core technology component of Audience IQ to apply direct marketing capabilities within the online environment. This was done by seamlessly integrating Turn technology with Experian’s customized technology stack, transforming de-identified offline data representing an audience of 400 million into actionable insights for the targeting of online display ads.
  • Integrated Experian’s initial data load of hundreds of ConsumerView attributes into Turn’s platform, providing advertisers with the ability to precisely segment and connect with the largest supply of addressable audience in the industry today.
  • Utilized Turn’s custom analytics for attribution, data, media performance, and optimization to add to Experian’s full-service addressable advertising measurement solutions for advertisers and agencies.

Results As a true and expert “power user” of Turn’s data management services, Experian felt that Audience Suite has met and exceeded their requirements.  The most important benefits include:

  • Enabling Experian’s advertising clients to easily harness offline direct marketing data from ConsumerView’s expansive coverage of U.S. households, creating an industry-leading, one-stop addressable audience platform that can be accessed across the digital advertising landscape.
  • The ability to upload consumer attributes within minutes, something that would have taken days before the Turn integration.
  • Quickly gaining insight into what data is predictive in generating consumer actions, such as a conversion. This process traditionally takes weeks in the offline world.
  • Use of offline data that has dramatically improved display ad performance. There was Cost Per Acquisition improvement of 100% compared to ads that used run of network online data only.