Turn helps pedal Evans Cycles to programmatic advertising glory

Evans Cycles, one of Britain’s largest cycle retailers, is working with Turn, the digital hub for marketers, to implement a data-driven approach to its online marketing. Evans Cycles is using Turn’s Campaign Suite for programmatic advertising, to identify and target key audiences, and gather a single customer view of how cyclists behave online.

In addition to the core audience of cycling enthusiasts, Turn is helping Evans Cycles to target a new and wider consumer audience of seasonal cyclists, who are not likely to cycle during the summer months only. The data gained about these audiences allows Evans Cycles to implement campaign optimisation for particular audience segments, without impacting the performance of messaging directed to their core cycling enthusiasts.

The adoption of programmatic by Evans Cycles has been so successful that the company is now expanding its digital marketing team to run programmatic campaigns in-house full-time. In the first two months using the Turn platform, the Evans Cycles prospecting campaigns have exceeded cost per acquisition objectives by 20% compared to the last year, and the audience insights gained from Turn have been shared across the business to inform planning.

Ange Bussy-Socrate, Online Marketing Manager, Evans Cycles commented: “Using programmatic ad technologies means we can take a more consumer-centric approach to our digital marketing. This audience-first thinking decreases the guesswork in marketing, allowing us to optimise campaigns based on what is working well, and provides increased agility during the campaign delivery phase.”

As a result, Turn has been able to provide some invaluable insights to Evans Cycles. For example, the data revealed that the core audience is not always looking at cycling websites. Rather, their time online is spent on specific sections of marketplace sites like eBay and national news sites such as The Guardian. This enables Evans Cycles to expand its strategies beyond the obvious contextual targeting, and employ additional tactics around Private Market Places, retargeting and site extensions, to good effect.

Bussy-Socrate continues: “Increasing our real time bidding campaigns has also allowed us to develop better digital marketing integration throughout the path to purchase. We are able to co-ordinate brand campaigns at the start of the research process through to later messaging focused around influencing the customer’s buying decision. Over the last quarter, we have seen a 12 point reduction in the cost of sales from product retargeting as a result of our online banners generating more impressions and consumer awareness.”

Helen Miall, Head of Marketing EMEA, Turn commented: “Evans Cycles’ marketing team is using data as the pedal power behind its online campaigns and the wider business. They are seeing great uplift in engagement with the brand as a result, with an increase in traffic from their direct channel. By gaining a single customer view across their online advertising, Evans Cycles is improving the consumer experience, and continual testing means that they can speedily adapt campaigns so that their target audience is engaged at all times.”

Bussy-Socrate adds: “Using programmatic is like running a powerful road bike like the BMC Time Machine; it can be highly powerful, but only if you have the right rider and maintenance to keep it running successfully. The support we are getting from Turn enables us to use the technology to the best of its ability. The partnership will remain a key success factor on our programmatic journey.”

He adds: “One of the current challenges for digital marketers is that there is so much data available, generating many advertising opportunities, which cannot all be implemented at the same time. Over the last six months, our team has worked with Turn’s specialists to identify more than one hundred granular audience segments based on first and third party data created and tested them against demographic and location targets.”

With an increasing proportion of sales now being driven through the website, Evans Cycles is investigating the adoption of Turn’s data management platform Audience Suite. This will enable Evans Cycles to more effectively utilise their first party data, and progress them further on the journey to realising a single custumer view across channels.

Turn and Evans Cycles are taking part in an IAB Europe webinar entitled ‘Road to Programmatic – Operational Considerations’ on 16th July 2015 at 2pm BST/3pm CEST. You can sign up to attend the webinar here.