Meet Turn

Meet Turn

Turn has been transforming the way Global 2000 marketers and their agencies make decisions since we started doing business in 2006.

What makes Turn different?


Every interaction with mobile apps, web content, streaming video, or a social network creates valuable new consumer data. Information about who they are, their product preferences, purchasing patterns, and even their geographic location. Turn centralizes all this data on our massive platform, blends in real-time media data—then mines it all for clear insights that drive successful marketing relationships.


Data-driven insights work with Turn’s patented real-time algorithms and lightning-fast execution platform, helping marketers deliver the right message on the best media channel at the right moment in time. The result? Superior campaign performance that exceeds expectations and delivers better ROI than any other marketing platform.


In a world where consumer attention bounces among a multitude of devices and content sources, Turn is a unifying force. A single login puts the marketer in control, providing a powerful dashboard of all multi-channel digital advertising activities. With one-click access to the right mix of data, inventory, and technology vendors for any campaign, marketers can think big, while retaining the ability to dive deep into any component and optimize it for best performance.

Real Time

With an integrated technology platform, marketers can convert strategy into results in real time. Turn is the only marketing platform with data management, media execution and marketing analytics on a unified infrastructure, empowering marketers to build digital advertising strategies, then immediately execute them—with no data loss and no wasted time. In fact, as the Turn platform tracks in-flight campaign actions, it updates audience information instantly.

Software Focus

Turn is a Silicon Valley technology company with a highly scalable multi-tier server infrastructure. Our core expertise is in building great software that supports the digital advertising workflow and solves the challenges of global marketers.