Taking Over the Web 1 Day at a Time

Taking over the web in just a single day sounds like a mission impossible, but that’s not the case for one of the nation’s leading mobile carriers. To support its “all you can eat” monthly unlimited mobile plan, the wireless carrier sought to spread its brand message as wide and quickly as possible in an effective, efficient, and brand safe manner.

With an spend of $100K and the goal to reach a minimum of 25MM impressions in just one day, the  mobile carrier looked to Turn for a solution – The first ever NetBlast Audience Takeover.

The result? In less than six hours, the campaign targeted 1st impression across multiple inventory in real time, achieving 29,720,943 Impressions (per Atlas), and 22,597,723 unique users! The mobile carrier’s NetBlast successfully leveraged the power of real-time impression buying to capture an extraordinary number of eyeballs and spread their brand message coast to coast.

Consider the NetBlast Audience Takeover for reach campaigns looking to drive traffic, align channels, steal share of voice, achieve scale, kick-off promotions, support live events and more. For a peek at the first ever NetBlast Audience Takeover, click here.