Fashion Advertiser Finds New Customers

Overview A major women’s fashion retailer was on a mission to increase new customer acquisitions and reach beyond its re-marketing audience. Using the Turn Platform’s algorithmic intelligence, the fashion advertiser expanded its target group of relevant audiences and reached new customers across the web. Challenge

  • Identifying new audiences with like behavior
  • Effectively driving awareness

Strategy Find new customers and the optimal audience for the fashion retailer through Turn’s predictive algorithms and data partnerships. Turn identified two high performance segments:

  • Segment 1: corporate women with high net worth
  • Segment 2: retail focus on women’s fashion and accessories


  • Used look-alike modeling to scale segment
  • Tested multiple audience segments
  • Utilized predictive targeting to increase reach


  • Exceeded CPA goal by 100%
  • Doubled quarter over quarter reach
  • Client increased spend by 113%

“Turn’s algorithmic approach to audience design and media optimization has allowed us to quickly find new customers for our advertiser and significantly increase their brand awareness. Using the Turn Platform we doubled our advertiser’s campaign reach and improved eCPA performance by 45%.”

Jeremy Hull, Senior Account Leader, Campaign Efficiency Specialist, Range Online Media