WSJ Reports: Start-Ups Are Drawn to Redwood City

There seems to be a trend happening in Redwood City, and Turn may have started it all. Turn was one of the first start-ups to settled in downtown Redwood City, and according to the Wall Street Journal more tech and research firms have followed in similar footsteps. The WSJ reported, "a trickle of start-ups has moved into downtown Redwood City, with digital ad companies Turn Inc., YuMe Inc. and compensation research firm Equilar Inc., among others, relocating to the area since January." Turn occupies a 10,000-square-foot office in the restored late 19th-century Alhambra building on Redwood City's Main Street. Bill Demas, CEO of Turn said, "We used to be located in the Redwood Shores area, but I didn't like it because it was too remote. We wanted to be in a more urban location, we wanted more restaurants and bars near us." Downtown Redwood City also has undergone a revitalization in the past few years. Thanks to companies like Turn and YuMe, Redwood City Mayor Jeff Ira calculates that 300 new jobs have moved into downtown Redwood City this year. Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal >>