Working Together in a Data-Driven Environment

In a recent ClickZ article, “Working Together in a Data-Driven Environment” Xuhui Shao, Chief Technology Officer at Turn, discusses how 2010 proved to be the year of platform adoption in the online advertising space.  However, Xuhui is not shy about his primary concerns facing growth and the adoption rate of real-time bidding. Although late last year the industry took pro-active steps to establish the OpenRTB project, designed to increase industry standards and communication between buyers and inventory partners, this is just the beginning. While this is a step forward, Shao suggests transparency, inter-operability and best of breed components as the key drivers to the wide spread adoption of data-driven advertising. In 2011, Shao foresees two challenges: 1. The lack of standards that drive the seamless data transfer between all online players 2. The lack of openness Read the full article here>>>