Why Should Advertisers Care About Algorithms?

How can content reach the consumer?  Many would agree that this is all possible thanks to predictive audience models (a.k.a. algorithms).  Reaching custom audiences at the right time, in the right place and with the right message has recently become all the rage when it comes to online marketing strategy. In today’s ClickZ article, “It’s the Algorithm, Stupid”  Xuhui Shao, CTO of Turn, supports the idea that audience targeting matters for brands and agencies who can be much more efficient and productive with their online strategy by using the strategic data-driven approach while consumers are served content that better match their wants and needs.   The upshot of digital advertising, as Shao comments, comes from algorithms which should do three things in real time: -          Intelligently explore inventories for each campaign along behavioral, contextual and social dimensions -          Predict the precise values of each ad impression for each campaign -          Bid aggressively based on the dynamics across each auction market/web site/inventory type etc. Read full article here>>>