Welcome to Turn!

Welcome to our new Turn Blog!  The purpose of this company blog is for members of the Turn team to effectively communicate to you – our partners in the digital advertising space - the goings-on here at Turn and our thoughts and perspectives of the rapidly evolving world of display and digital advertising. So what is Turn? Turn is a private company with the single-minded focus of delivering the most effective digital advertising in the world on behalf of our agency and premium advertiser clients.   We have two targeting products for our advertisers: (1) an audience offering that enables advertisers to reach specific psychographic profiles (soccer moms, travel enthusiasts, fashionistas, etc.) and (2) a performance offering that enables advertisers to reach their goals (CPA for example).  Both are backed by a powerful analytics engine that offers insightful cross-campaign performance patterns.   And of course we are focused on brand quality for our advertisers with strict publisher controls. We call ourselves the “smart platform for digital advertising.”  To use industry lingo, we are a demand side platform (DSP). We partner with some of the largest global advertising agencies to power their digital exchange trading desks and private networks.  We will be making some announcements in this area shortly.  We also run our own Turn Network, which is powered by the very same platform as that of our customers, for those agencies and advertisers that would like to work with us in a traditional ad network capacity.  Our network is complementary to our platform business as it provides backfill for our agency and advertiser partners per their request. So who is Turn? We are a tight team of 65 entrepreneurs, industry veterans, technologists, marketers, sellers and up-and-comers from across the digital landscape – AOL, Efficient Frontier, Microsoft, Overture, Right Media, Tacoda, Vibrant Media, and Yahoo!  Many of us had leadership roles in search advertising.  We see eerie correlations between the early search advertising market and the display/digital advertising market today.  We are focused on bringing similar efficiencies to this emerging market.  We are based in Silicon Valley with locations in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Charlotte.   Our revenues will nearly triple this year from 2008. Turn’s early employees spent three years huddled up in cramped offices in Silicon Valley focused on technology innovation,  learning and problem-solving: the problem being about how to make display advertising far more efficient and effective than it is today.  Our patent-pending ad selection technology has been perfected over the years based on fundamental research by our host of PhDs and with noted Stanford computer science professor Jerry Friedman.   We are focused on building great relationships across the industry and truly serving our customers.  We have built an internal environment of trust and collaboration.   We operate with high ethics.  We are guided by doing the right thing.  We’ll tell you what we can do and what we can’t.  We won’t play the game of overpromising and under delivering.  Frankly, we’ll do the opposite and under promise and over deliver.  We won’t spend much time on self-promotion.  We’ll show up where we’re invited but we prefer to focus our efforts in building technologically innovative products and serving our customers. Why are we different? We deliver results to our customers and partners.  We have been told consistently by agencies and advertisers that have done technical deep dives on our technology that we come out on top in terms of optimization and our overall media-buying platform capabilities.  We think we’re on to building something big here:  the excitement is building and based on the feedback from the industry we feel we really have something special. Why are we blogging? We’re incredibly enthusiastic about our momentum, and we want to everyone to understand what’s happening at Turn.  You’ll be hearing directly from our team members about company news, milestones, thoughts on the industry and a wide range of other issues.   We encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feed, and we welcome you to our blog! All the best, Bill Demas President and CEO