Weekly Mobile Nuggets - November 2, 2012

- Average click-through rates build throughout the holiday season and peak on New Year’s Day—37% over average click-through rates, - As plenty of consumers receive wireless devices for Christmas, December and January will deliver the highest click-through rates (CTR) as these consumers unwrap and explore their new mobile devices. (CTR was 22% and 16%, respectively, over other monthly averages in 2011). - Summer shows the highest conversion rates (CVR) because consumers have more leisure time to use their mobiles to download apps and consume mobile content. (CTR in July 2011 was 81% over other monthly averages). - Tablet usage is heaviest in the evening, peaking at 87% over the average during and after primetime TV viewing. (source: MobileSTAT report from Jumptap, Inc.) Mobile for the sake of mobile is not a recommended strategy. There must be a value exchange for any strategy to be effective, especially in mobile. Mobile, being the personal and intimate device it is, should give the user a positive experience that allows them to build trust in the experience which then opens up doors to a more loyal customers base. Case in point - Chase’s popular banking application introduced the ability to deposit checks without even visiting a bank or ATM. The Kindle application lets people read on the go, even when they’ve left their Kindles at home. HBO GO enables subscribers to watch their favorite shows anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. Lowe's lets customers pick up purchases from the store in less than 20 minutes, like ordering takeout for dinner. Each of these mobile products makes the company’s primary product or service more attractive to its customers. In these application-as-enhancement cases, it’s about taking the core capabilities of mobile--like ubiquitous connectivity, GPS, accelerometer, camera, and video--and turning them into a brand-relevant utility that has lasting appeal for customers. How can the technology make your products and services more valuable to users? If you build it, they won’t come. Don’t expect these service enhancing applications to sell themselves. If you throw the party, invite as many people as you can. Invest in a media strategy that aims to get users to opt-in, download your app, engage with your mobile experiences and bookmark your mobile site. These initiative needs to be planned and launched like a startup and managed like a full-fledged product line, in order for it to succeed. As consumers become comfortable doing more and more with their phones and tablets, mobile will become essential to business performance. But businesses can’t afford expensive misadventures that produce poor results and begin a vicious cycle of diminishing investments in digital. To get it right, align your mobile efforts with clear goals and realistic KPIs, balance service to users with value to the business, and ensure mobile products are well-managed and maintained. Very few businesses have figured out mobile yet, but the opportunity is wide open to make smart investments that will keep your business one step ahead of your competition for years to come. David Bussin Director, Mobile Sales