VisualDNA Psychographic Audience Data Now Available Through Turn Audience Suite

London, UK (6 December 2012) -- VisualDNA, the leading provider of psychographic audience data and profiling services, has integrated with Turn, a cloud-based digital marketing platform,to make available 450 standard audience segments and custom look-a-like segments to customers of Turn Audience Suite data management platform. The completed server-to-server integration enables marketers to identify and engage with online audiences in the UK, US and European markets that have traditionally been difficult to reach at scale.

“We’re thrilled to expand the marketplace where our data is made available, helping Turn’s customers to realise the benefits of targeting using VisualDNA Premium, Persona and Look-a-like data sets,” said Charles Wiles, Managing Director at VisualDNA. “With an average of 50 data points held per user, our patented profiling methodology creates an unparallelled view of a consumer’s online and offline life; including tastes, interests, lifestyle, brand preferences and purchase intent. Buyers that access Turn’s best-in-class media-planning technology via the Audience Suite are now able to reach more of the right audiences in real time.”

By making over 50 billion advertising decisions daily, the Turn platform provides the real-time insights marketers need to make smarter decisions, improving campaign ROI and performance. Its intelligent learning algorithms process, in real–time, the large amounts of data that flow from over 25 data partners, enabling improved planning, more precise campaign management, and more effective results.

“VisualDNA’s rich understanding at the user level extends the audience discovery tools that are available within Turn Audience Suite. This provides marketers with an increased number of segments to choose and combine for brand and direct response campaigns in key industry verticals,” said Duncan Illing, Business Development Director EMEA, Turn. “Offering VisualDNA data through our data management platform provides a valuable opportunity for clients to discover and engage with unique audiences and further supports our effort to enable access to the best performing data vendors in the ecosystem.”

The integration makes it easier than ever for marketers to gain the most complete picture of their audience groups and refine target segments accordingly. Turn clients aren’t required to sign additional contracts before using new data suppliers, thus making VisualDNA segments available to test in a matter of minutes. With 30 million users in the US, over 20 million in the UK and 30 million in Europe, advertisers in these markets will benefit from accessing more high quality online data than ever before.

About VisualDNA
VisualDNA combines self-declared consumer data from personality tests, online behavioural inference, and offline data records to offer privacy-compliant audience targeting solutions to digital advertisers and publishers in the UK, US and Europe. Our unique technology has created actionable psychographic profiles for more than 90 million global consumers to date. The quality and accuracy of our data stems from a consumer-centric gathering approach, whereby we believe data exchange should provide both commerce and consumers with relevance and value. Visit for more or follow @VisualDNAbiz.

About Turn
Turn delivers real-time insights that transform the way leading advertising agencies and marketers make decisions. Our cloud applications and Internet-scale architecture work together to provide a complete picture of customers, execute cross-channel campaigns, and connect with a worldwide ecosystem of more than 100 partners. Turn is headquartered in Silicon Valley and provides its platform, products and services worldwide. Company revenue has more than doubled every year of Turn's existence. For more information, visit or follow @turnplatform.