Video from AdRevenue '09 panel

Greetings- For those of you who asked, here’s the video from the ‘Blurring the lines’ panel at the AdRevenue ’09 conference: Watch the video For those of you who didn’t ask…Pubmatic hosted another top notch conference discussing the industry trends that will impact inventory sellers (both big pubs and long tail) going into 2010.  This particular panel was a discussion around how the landscape is rapidly changing:  increasing publisher adoption of exchanges, agencies migrating to the new demand side platforms like Turn, and the evolving role of the traditional ad network.  And of course it wouldn’t be a publisher panel these days without getting down and dirty with RTB.  Great discussion – check it out if you have a few minutes.  Panelists included the unstoppable Jay Sears from ContextWeb/ADSDAQ, ever insightful Jed Nahum from AdECN, industry insider Rob Rasko from CPX, uber eloquent Tom Sipple from IAC, and yours truly.  The panel was moderated by the right honorable Michael Learmonth of AdAge. Enjoy. Philip GM, Platform Solutions