Video Ad Strategy Part 1: The Metrics

In 2011 video is evolving from a stand-alone marketing channel to an integral part of an advertiser’s overall online campaign strategy. By using the power of multi-channel targeting, advertisers can more effectively reach audiences vs. using a single-channel only thus driving overall ROI. Unlike display ads, video ads generate massive amounts of engagement data that requires the advertiser to think differently about how to measure campaign performance. In today’s ClickZ article, “Video Advertising Strategy Part 1: The Metrics,” Xuhui Shao, CTO of Turn, considers the pros and cons of the different ad metrics to utilize when sorting through the morass of data to measure the success of a video campaign. Is it better to use Rating Points, Brand Perception Surveys, or Brand Interactions?  What about leveraging A/B Testing and Attribution Analysis?  For Shao’s in-depth analysis of these options, as well as methods for measuring video as part of an advertiser’s overall cross-media strategy, visit the full article here.