Unleashed: Turn Media Platform v2.5

From IO to Go in 5 Minutes

With the release of Turn Media Platform v2.5 media buyers can more easily design and deploy powerful audience targeting campaigns across all ad exchanges and inventory sources in less time. The version upgrade boasts a streamlined 3-step IO setup and next generation  UI. Media pros can freely move forward and back through the steps, drilling down on advanced options to create the ideal campaign setup, and then simultaneously deploy insertion orders across multiple real-time bidded (RTB) inventory sources with a single click. Developed using over a thousand campaigns, billions of impressions and comprehensive usability testing involving Turn’s largest platform customers, the version also introduces a real-time campaign analyzer which eliminates setup errors pre-launch by bringing algorithmic intelligence and automation to the campaign planning and deployment process. The algorithms provide recommendations on campaign setup that media planners can review and choose to act upon.  It is seamlessly integrated into the workflow making changes and corrections in setup easy to execute. The new process not only minimizes wasted media budget due to misconfiguration; training and ramp up time are also reduced as a result of the intuitive UI. According to Keith Pieper, Director of Research & Development at Cadreon, “The Turn Media Platform gives us a lot of powerful levers to pull, which at times used to be overwhelming. Turn’s simplified workflow streamlines the fundamentals to get a campaign live, fast, so we can focus our time on the advanced power tools for performance and delivery optimization. The campaign analyzer gives us a unique safety net to ensure setup errors are not made and best practices are operationalized.” Turn Media Platform v2.5 is rounded out by the ROI Optimizer, which optimizes media spend against multiple consumer touch points including passed variables such as shopping cart values; and Inventory Quality Control that allows marketers to target of various inventory characteristics such as IAB brand safe tiers, site lists and content categories, while integrating with 3rd-party verification solutions. read more>>