Turn's Flextag Features "Point And Click" DDM

Cloud marketing platform Turn today announced the launch of Flextag, which the company describes as a self-service tool to help marketers collect anonymous data in real-time. The tool is part of the Turn Audience Suite, the company's data management platform. Flextag will help marketers fuel their data-driven marketing (DDM) campaigns.

Using Flextag, marketers only need to place one tag (pixel) per website in the footer, which helps simplify the whole process. Joshua Koran, SVP of product management at Turn, stated, "[Flextag] frees [marketers] to focus on what they do best: marketing strategy, content creation, and campaign development." 

After the tag is placed, marketers can use the Flextag Viewer (pictured below) to capture any specific data they want using a "point and click" strategy on a page. "Point and click" means mousing over areas on a page, clicking on a specific area, and collecting data about that area only.

In the example below, the area being set up for data collection is the search bar. After the initial set up is complete, the anonymous data is collected automatically. Of course, marketers can always go back to modify the data collection areas.

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