Turn Scores Honors with OnMedia’s 100 Top Private Company List

This January, AlwaysOn announced the 2011 OnMedia 100 Top Private Companies list of the leading digital companies within the advertising, marketing and publishing industries. Turn earned top honors in the Technology Enablers category, one of six categories listed in the competition. Bill Demas, CEO & President at Turn interviewed with OnMedia in November and shared details about Turn and its technology platform, along with insights into the company’ growth and international expansion. According to Founder and Editor of AlwaysOn Tony Perkins, “The make-up of the OnMedia 100 presents a poetic picture of the mega-trends AO's editors see driving the transformation of digital media and entertainment, namely the explosive growth in smartphones, social networking and social commerce, as well as the globalization of entrepreneurship. We also uncovered a new trend that's creating high-growth company opportunity-the emergence of Web analytics as a powerful tool to help advertisers ascertain the 'wisdom of the crowd' and better target their marketing and branding pitches." For a complete list of winners, click here. The winners of this competition will be officially honored at: OnMedia 2011 Where Silicon Valley Meets Madison Avenue January 31st - February 2nd, 2011 The Paley Center for Media New York, NY