Turn Reacts to DoubleClick Exchange

President & CEO of Turn, Bill Demas shares his thoughts on the benefits and concerns of the  DoubleClick Ad Exchange with Adexchanger: In regards to benefits:
  • We see this as a great opportunity for both advertisers and publishers. AdX 2.0 will allow advertisers access to publisher inventory that they simply wouldn't be able to access on their own. (and vice versa)
  • Advertisers that are looking for remarketing and behavioral reach are now given an open door to the Google AdSense inventory with the confidence that they can run their campaigns only on sites that meet their brand's quality guidelines.
  • For a company like Turn the fact that AdX 2.0 offers unprecedented reach and can facilitate real-time bidding is key. AdX 2.0 with real-time bidding gives us the opportunity to offer this precise level of targeting with scale.
Regarding concerns:
  • The standard fears agencies have around ad exchange inventory is whether you can control the site quality. Since AdX will not be allowing ad networks to resell inventory, most of these concerns are alleviated. Furthermore, they have a very robust content qualification and segmentation process that provides the ability to create a brand-safe environment.