Turn Opens Third Redwood City, CA Office

We're growing like crazy. To handle our expanding Silicon Valley team, we've expanded yet again in Redwood City. Located at 2317 Broadway Street, 3rd Floor, our new location is on the top floor of the old Sequoia Building complete with an outdoor patio, playroom, exposed ceiling pipes, and amazing lighting. Just a street walk away from local city activities which happen weekly: farmer’s markets, dancing, movie nights, and lively concerts. What’s not to like?

We know people work and think better in a comfortable and spacious environment. Plus, it’s just more fun. But don’t take our word for it. The Wall Street Journal highlighted Turn as one of the first start-ups to discover what a great place downtown Redwood City could be for a growing company.


Open Kitchen                                                          Spacious Lobby


Outdoor Patio                                                          Playroom