Turn Media Platform Winter 2012 Release Introduces New Features

It’s an exciting time at Turn. We’ve just launched our new brand and website, and today we’re introducing new features to our cloud-based Turn Media Platform application.

Providing marketers with the tools they need for the precise execution of advertising campaigns, new features to Turn Media Platform Winter 2012 release include:

  • The industry’s first real-time brand safety features
  • New contextual data from best-of-breed data vendors
  • Robust video advertising optimization features

Rounding out this comprehensive solution, we’ve partnered with three leading contextual information providers: AdSafe Media, Crystal Semantics and Peer39.

"We look forward to enabling Turn Media Platform customers to leverage the industry’s only pre-bid ad engagement data as well as rich metrics around the contextual relevance and brand safe quality of individual pages", said Bryan St. John, vice president of business development and operations, AdSafe Media. “By partnering with AdSafe, Turn demonstrates a commitment to providing customers with actionable, predictive information to optimize their bidding decisions."

"We’re delighted to be part of the exciting developments of the Turn Media Platform and to offer clients the ability to target specific content in context, with brand safety protection, by language and media genre,” said Ian Saunders, managing director, Crystal Semantics. “We particularly look forward to leveraging our extensive multilingual capabilities to serve Turn's international clients."

"We are thrilled to help Turn Media Platform customers evaluate the quality, safety, and context of all the global web pages the system analyzes on a daily basis," said Andy Ellenthal, chief executive officer, Peer39. "Peer39’s unparalleled scale, speed, and accuracy will be of tremendous value in providing buyers a means to increase the size and effectiveness of their real-time bidding campaigns."

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