Turn Media Platform Overview

Developed over a thousand campaigns and billions of impressions, the Turn Media Platform is the industry’s most powerful, easiest to use, and best performing self-service interface for data-driven advertising. It represents the future of data-driven advertising and a reimagining of how brands connect with their audiences.

Turn Differentiators

The Turn Media Platform is a single point of control for all your digital display campaigns. From one centralized interface, automate your media buying and audience targeting across multiple inventories, and enjoy unified data management, performance optimization, analytics, and site transparency.



Turn's optimization algorithms crunch 2000+ behavioral, contextual, inventory, and ad selection variables within 25 milliseconds all to determine the right ad, right time, right price, and right audience. The ROI Optimizer optimizes media spend against multiple tracking beacons including shopping cart transactional data.






In its goal to allow its customers to evaluate every relevant impression, Turn will process an estimated 17B real-time bidded ad impressions per day in the US by year's end. Turn continues to reinvested millions into its infrastructure, while scaling its international markets as well.



An open architecture makes it easy for our platform customers to decide what technologies work best for their comprehensive solution. Integrate with all best-of-breed solutions, including ad serving, dynamic creative, ad verification, inventory exchanges, and data providers.





There is an art and science to successful data-driven advertising. Turn recruits the industry’s brightest minds to ensure that we give our customers hands down the finest customer service possible. Only the best talent can ensure that we deliver on this commitment.




Get the insights you need, when you need them. Define custom segments, publisher and content type, etc… and then see clear, understandable audience reach and frequency estimates graphed against optimal bid pricing, in real time.





As the leading media platform, Turn is fully committed to taking a leadership position to promote the highest consumer privacy and data policy standards, best practices, and self-regulatory solutions.


Streamline Your Entire Process

The Turn Media Platform represents the future where digital advertising campaigns are efficient, effective and safe. Whether you do it, your agency, or a dedicated team of our media experts, the Turn Media Platform delivers unmatched ease-of-use and campaign performance. Take complete control of your display campaigns every step of the way — from planning to trafficking to optimization to real-time analytics.



Turn delivers audience insights pre-campaign & in real time to empower you to make fully-informed buying decisions. The bid forecaster accurately estimates your target audience reach at various frequencies and bid amounts to optimize delivery and performance for any budget and facilitate fully-informed media planning.




Each RTB ad call is layered with Turn data and evaluated in real time by our targeting algorithm to determine impression's worth & relevancy. Turn's audience extender blends data sources to boost the scale of precisely targeted campaigns; inventory quality control allows for targeting based on IAB brand safe standards and publisher lists.



Turn’s intuitive workflow and real-time campaign analyzer eliminates setup errors pre-launch by bringing algorithmic intelligence and automation to the campaign planning, deployment and optimization.




Color-coded KPIs provide real-time campaign status at a glance. Audience insight reporting provides a rich demographic and psychographic view of your audience to easily visualize, and discover new custom segments.