Turn Live Summit Recap

Report from the First Annual Turn Live Summit

Nearly two hundred of the industry’s top CMOs, agency leads, media planners, and brand owners from around the world gathered recently in San Francisco for the first Turn Live Summit, an opportunity to engage with other industry leaders in a dynamic conversation about the current state and future of marketing.

Turn CEO, Bill Demas kicked off the morning with a rallying cry for the power of real-time insights to make businesses smarter and better. He pointed to the need to understand “what's really important among all these terabytes and petabytes of data,” and how business leaders can be most effective “in this very fast-paced, high changing world.”

What about the Brand?

Turn SVP of Marketing, Paul Alfieri, led a discussion focused on data-driven branding. Gabe Dalporto, CMO of Lending Tree, pointed out that, when it comes to marketing, “there is a highly analytical side, and then there is kind of this emotional side. People don’t always act on rational benefits.” He described an experiment his team ran that tested customers’ response to his ads with and without the Lending Tree logo, which found that use of the logo resulted in a 30% to 50% increase in revenue. “So, the emotional piece, that connection, actually matters,” he said.

Clay Fisher, Head of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce for DirecTV, talked about how his team uses technology to understand their customers. “Having a holistic view of all of your interactions,” he said, “with a great platform like Turn, to help tie that together and give us that visibility, is critical for us to understand the value of an impression, the value of engagement, and how it can lead to a potential action that we want.”

Performance takes priority for Progressive, Lindsey Nikolai, the insurer’s Programmatic Lead, said. “Branding and DR are not considered separate for us,” she pointed out. “It’s very much a total package. We’re looking at performance and the overall goals we need to accomplish, short and long term.”

Mediasmith CEO David L. Smith discussed the role of the agency in the next phase of programmatic: television. “We’re very active with our TV clients, he said, “and have been over the last year – we’re just looking for people with technology and inventory availabilities.” Clay and Gabe expressed measured excitement about this new and inevitable - as the group agreed - development in the advertising marketplace.

Knowns & Unknowns: CRM Meets Marketing

Maureen Little, Turn SVP of Business and Corporate Development, drove the conversation on the intersection of CRM and Anonymous Marketing. Maureen asked her panelists to offer the audience one key takeaway - one thing that each marketer should do as soon as they leave. Adam Their, SVP of Strategic Projects and HANA Services for SAP, told marketers to focus on the questions; write down the top ten questions you want answered, he said, and figure out how to answer them. Eric Kirby, COO Datalogix, advised marketers to get really good at experimentation to understand what their customers want. Erik Holt, EMM Product Strategy at IBM, suggested marketers revisit their digital media programs. “Begin to share information across channels,” he said, “and look at how each team is evaluating success.”

Robin Bordoli, GM New Markets & VP Partner Ecosystems at Marketo, echoed their thoughts, emphasizing that marketing and CRM teams have to “build common language and common understanding.” Only then, he said, will they “be able to bridge their two worlds and realize their customers’ full potential."

View from the Top: “Programmatic Becoming a Strategic Differentiator for Businesses”

A group of top-level executives from various Turn partner companies took the stage for a panel moderated by Bill Demas on how real-time insights have changed the way businesses are run and executive decisions are made. Rick Erwin, President of Experian’s Targeting Division, said he’s seen all of his firm’s “three or four thousand” global customers moving toward leveraging data in new ways to connect with their customers.

Quentin George, Co-founder and Principal of Unbound, pointed to a shift toward adoption of data-driven insights in business. Platforms like Turn can now turn data into insights. George noted: “Different companies are starting to understand how to create an environment that enables you to go from data to insight, insight to action.”

The conversation also touched on the power of visualization. David Payne, Chief Digital Officer of Gannett described visualizing data as “an opportunity to really simplify the power of the insight.” Frank Voris, CEO of Vivaki, agreed that marketers need to use all the tools and partners at their disposal to navigate the complexity of our “Lumascape” world, pointing out that agencies are more important than ever to help companies “explode the value” of their consumers.

Surprise Announcements from Turn

Turn also shared a few company announcements (it is a tech conference, after all!):

  • Audience Insights, a customer research and analytics tool, provides improved data visualization for consumer insights. The tool helps marketers understand what their best customers look like.
  • Long awaited, new APIs enable Turn customers and partners to access the Turn platform in innovative and customizable ways. These APIs launched with partners Datalogix and eXelate.
  • Finally, a new beta program, launching with top digital agency Sq1, provides select Audience Suite customers access to programmatic TV – the next step in our vision for the convergence of TV and the programmatic marketplace.

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Carol Weiss

Director of Marketing Communications