Turn Lands UK-based StrategyEye 'Hot Company Profiles' List

Recently, Bill Demas spoke with Sarah Vizard from StrategyEye, a UK-based digital media publication, for her ‘Hot Company Profiles’ series. One question Sarah posed to Bill: What do you think is the hottest trend in digital media right now? Bill’s response? Data. “The hottest trend by far is around data, and for all marketers and agencies the most valuable thing they have outside of their people is data. If you look at Apple and Google they had their hands slapped over location services - were they tracking people or not? And there are other large data companies where there have been violations around emails. I think the managing of the data, finding trends around the data and new ways to use data to help companies build their business and improve their marketing and target their users and target new clients of course is the single biggest trend that I see out there.” Read the rest of the interview, including Bill’s discussion of Turn’s business model, the challenges of navigating a company experiencing hyper growth, and Turn’s major competitor (hint: it starts with “G”!), as well as Sarah’s conclusions, here.