Turn Honored with IAB Excellence Award

*Sherrill Mane, SVP Industry Services, IAB & Bill Demas, CEO, Turn

Turn scored honors at the sold-out 2011 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, Ecosystem 2.0: The People vs. Data taking home the Best Newcomer Sales Excellence Award.

The Best Newcomer Sales Excellence Award, given by the IAB and developed by IAB Sales Executive Council and Advertiser Perceptions, Inc., marks recognition defined by superior quality performance along three dimensions: customer service, knowledge and innovation, and by a sales organization that’s been in place for three years or less.

Nearly 400 agency and marketer decision makers across a wide variety of verticals, including Automotive, CPG, Financial, Retail and Travel were among this year's respondents. Each respondent spent at least $1 million on online advertising over the last year.

“The Sales Excellence Award has become one of the most telling industry awards because its qualifications are based completely on customer feedback,” said Sherrill Mane, SVP Industry Services for the IAB. “The IAB is proud to have created a mechanism that recognizes excellence in sales and this year’s recipients should be thrilled to know the demand side approves of and appreciates their efforts to provide exceptional knowledge, innovation and customer service.”

Turn's award was accepted by Bill Demas, CEO & President of Turn.

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