Turn Blankets IAB Forum

Advertisers, publishers, networks, exchanges, and ad technology companies all gathered in New York on Monday for the Advertising Bureau's Networks & Exchanges forum. Turn’s very own Philip Smolin held his own in Looking Forward: RTB, DSP…OMG!?!, a spirited panel discussion on the future of online media, which also featured Sloan Broderick, Managing Director, MediaCom Interaction and Steve Katelman, Vice President, Publisher Development, Omnicom. The day was billed as an opportunity to learn from top luminaries from across the ecosystem to help navigate the space by defining the field and investigating what the future holds for online media (a mouthful). Turn staked out its claim with standing room only sessions for publishers and agencies. Highlights include Bridget Bidlack’s demo of the industry’s only end-to-end media planning, buying, and optimization platform; and Maureen Little’s  discussion of the elephant in the room that is publisher transparency. Philip was also interview by IAB organizers. We’ll post the video here when it’s available.